Essex Wedding Video – Kylie & Bill

Essex Wedding Video – Kylie & Bill – Shot on location at Down Hall, Essex
August 2016

What a great Wedding Kylie & Bill had, everything about this day was perfect – the location, the weather, the people etc. I had a great time filming their wedding & putting this Essex Wedding Video together.

This was a busy Wedding, with lots of Flower Girls & Paige Boys there were children running about everywhere & lots of movement. As I arrived early at Down Hall I encountered an energetic bridal prep. The same can not be said for when we ran down the corridor half an hour later to see the boys. Whilst the girls were a whirlwind of energy, we found the boys in a more relaxed, half naked state in a mess filled room. The juxtaposition between the two was brilliant.

Kylie & Bill’s day was well planned & set out, the ceremony took place down the road at Holy Trinity Church in Hatfield Heath before heading back to Down Hall for drinks before the speeches.

A word of warning to future brides & grooms reading this – I wouldn’t recommend giving kids Nerf guns as presents during the speeches. I held my head in my hands at one point as various children lined up as snipers to shoot Bill during his speech. Luckily, a parent caught them before they delivered their payload & a speeches massacre was averted.

This, for the record is the only time I’ve ever been worried about a groom being shot in the face during the speeches.

I’ve got to thank Scott from The Edge once more, one of my favourite people to hang out with at a wedding. Always fun & always creative. I do enjoy working with that him & Karen. Also, the team at Down Hall were excellent once more. This lot know exactly what they’re doing & I enjoy working with them every time I’m back at the venue.

About a week after the wedding, Scott posted me this picture. “What is he doing?” everyone asked, “Why is he filming a picture?” Well, the footage from that shot is at 1.36 in this film. Looks good doesn’t it?!


Kylie & Bill produced an incredible day & I was delighted to be able to capture it. I really hope they both love this Essex Wedding Video.

Shot with two Canon 5d Mk2s & a Sony A7s
Edited with Premiere Pro CS6
Audio mixed in Dobly with Adobe Audition