Newland Hall Wedding Film – Amy & Nick

Newland Hall Wedding Film – Amy & Nick – Shot on location at Newland Hall, Essex
September 2016

I had a really great time at Amy & Nick’s Newland Hall Wedding. This was a really fun & relaxed day & I had a great time filming & putting together this Newland Hall Wedding Film.

I’m a big fan of Newland Hall & I’ve shot there a lot over the past few years. There is always something new to discover if you take a walk out the back & around the fields. I took Amy & Nick out for a quick 5 minutes alone & we discovered this great path that really framed the couple with foliage. Amy & Nick were of course delighted to spend a few minutes together catching up on the day & I was able to get some quick shots of them both, relaxed & together.

Amy & nick put together a great day, & I particularly enjoyed the West Ham themed tables – even if the result on the day didn’t follow the script! I hope they both love this film & I think them for their enthusiasm & help on the day.

Shot with two Canon 5d Mk2s & a Sony A7s
Edited with Premiere Pro CS6
Audio mixed in Dobly with Adobe Audition