Essex Wedding Film – Sarah & Jason

Essex Wedding Film – Shot on location at Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon Essex.
March 2013

There was a really interesting moment during Jason’s speech, when he praised; and thanked, the weather. I remember looking around after that line, and seeing many of his guests trying to work out exactly what he meant. Sarah and Jason’s wedding day was a typical British, March afternoon. Cold and overcast. But it didn’t rain. And I suppose that was the point. That was where the groom was aiming his thanks….the fact that it hadn’t rained.

For the entire week previous… had chucked it down.

I think at one point, it even snowed. You get the drift…..everything about the day suggested it was going to chuck it down. Even the BBC Weather said it was going to chuck it down. And that was why I found myself at the venue, all set up and ready to go at 10am, cameras out, lenses cleaned……three hours before I had to really be there.

When I awoke that morning, I found it wasn’t raining and was actually quite bright. Fearing the rain would come eventually, I made my way to the venue early to grab some establishing shots. I was so early, that the lovely people at Crabbs Barn were still showing potential clients around and weren’t yet set up for that days wedding.

But, back to the rain. It didn’t arrive, and after a moments thought, everyone in the room was clear as to exactly what Jason meant. It really was a wonderful day without the rain!

Sarah & Jason’s wedding was a really well thought out, and delivered, day. It was clean and classy, fun and unpretentious, and spoke about them as a couple……it was relaxed and fun.

In the build up to their day, Sarah and Jason were both particularly keen that their magician was included in their film. The magician was a great find, with her blazing red hair. At one point during the wedding breakfast, I was outside backing up some of my shots when I just heard screams of ‘how did she do that?!’ from one table within the room.

What a great idea.

In fact, I have so many shots of guests looking confused after a trick had been performed, that I could make that into it’s own little film.

I may actually do that.

For the edit, I used a wonderful track from Benjamin Francis Leftwich called ‘Box Of Stones’. The music has some lovely peaks and rises, that really highlight and enhance the emotional parts of this film. The audio took a bit of cutting up, but I’m happy with the mix…..finally!

I hope Sarah and Jason enjoy this film, and if any of their guests worked out how the magician did that thing with the king of hearts, can you let me know!?

Sarah & Jason – Wedding Film from Philip Smith Visuals on Vimeo.

Shot on location at Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon
March 2013
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Music – Benjamin Francis Leftwich 'Box Of Stones'

Sarah & Jason Wedding Film

Sarah & Jason Wedding Film

Sarah & Jason Wedding Film

Sarah & Jason Wedding Film